I am a keen photographer living and working in the West of Scotland. I have been taking photos for over 35 years now, with no preferred subject matter I have however a keen desire to record places that I am lucky enough to visit.
My preferred choice of equipment is Canon and my current DSLR is a Digital EOS 7D Mark II, though I still miss my old Canon A1 SLR film camera. I have nothing against Nikon and believe you tend to stick with what you start with though my father would turn in his grave if I ever changed.

Though not an exponent of my own work I have been asked to sell/publish photos I have taken, I have been hired for corporate work and weddings; hence this site. I am happy to discuss any photographic project you may have.

Additionally I work in IT and have many years’ experience of graphic and design work, I have been trained in the use of Photoshop and when the need arises I can apply this to the post production process in my photography shoots; though I am now using Lightroom as the first step post production and working from images shot in RAW format.